Milestones as Summit Preparations Continue

Yesterday we passed the 100 registrations mark for the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit with over a week to go, so we’re on track for 200 – 300 or more ArchiCAD users in attendance, making this the largest independent online ArchiCAD event ever. I’m so excited to see the interest build. Architosh has posted an article…

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Celebrating and Learning from Masters of ArchiCAD

I have an exciting announcement about a ground-breaking ArchiCAD community event, the MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMIT. If you use ArchiCAD, and want to take better advantage of its INCREDIBLE power to get your work done faster (and better), it’s an event that you can’t afford to miss. The Summit is an online conference on February…

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Coming Soon: The MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMIT

For the first time ever, ArchiCAD Masters from around the world are gathering together in a virtual conference to share their knowledge and experience with the ArchiCAD user community. MASTERS OF ARCHICAD SUMMIT – FEBRUARY 5 & 6, 2015 In the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit each expert will give a one hour presentation on a…

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