Milestones as Summit Preparations Continue

Yesterday we passed the 100 registrations mark for the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit with over a week to go, so we’re on track for 200 – 300 or more ArchiCAD users in attendance, making this the largest independent online ArchiCAD event ever.

I’m so excited to see the interest build. Architosh has posted an article on the Summit, and comments on last week’s LinkedIn ArchiCAD group announcement continue to come in:

  • “Excited to attend…”
  • “Count me in”
  • “excited to see Andrew Passacantando on the list, I had recently seen his presentation at a NYC ArchiCAD User Group gathering and it blew me away. Great to see someone who truly tries to make everything ‘3D.'”

Shawn-Hopkins-photo 2


I started my practice run-throughs with Summit Masters with a fascinating session with shawn B hopkins (that’s the way he likes to spell his name, in lower case with a capital “B”) from Durban South Africa. Shawn is a practicing architect as well as a software developer who creates tools for ArchiCAD users. He’ll be showing projects that use smart objects representing actual catalog entries from major suppliers of doors, windows, and equipment.

In addition, Shawn showed me something that made my jaw drop. He’s created a system inside ArchiCAD that extends the basic schedule functionality to do cost calculations based on actual building materials and component pricing. He made me sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so I can’t tell you much about their system, however I will promise you that when you see his presentation you’re going to get excited too. In fact, all attendees will be able to download a key component of the system to enable basic costing calculations for your projects!

Erika-Epstein-photoToday I spent some time talking with Summit Master Erika Epstein to help focus her presentation on BIM Implementation. She has so much that she could cover, so the task was to pick and choose the most interesting and useful areas for her one hour talk.

Erika will show us some of the extended uses of project data via IFC and COBIE output, as well as internally through an extensive set of interactive schedules that she’s developed for managing project information. In fact, she’s offered to share with attendees some of her most useful schedule files, so that you can download and import them into your projects and templates and adapt them for your own workflow!

In addition, Erika will show us one of her own projects in which she used EcoDesigner to analyze and design a renovation to reduce energy usage on an existing residence built in the 1970’s. She’ll share the tips and methods that will help her client cut about 30% from their energy bill.

Oh, there’s one more thing: Erika told me  about her innovative uses of Teamwork to facilitate remote project collaboration. She’ll work this into the one hour too.

I hope you’re as excited about the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit as I am, and that you tell all of your ArchiCAD colleagues about it so we can build the knowledge base of our entire community!

Let us know what you think!

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