Coming Soon: The MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMIT

Masters of ArchiCAD SummitFor the first time ever, ArchiCAD Masters from around the world are gathering together in a virtual conference to share their knowledge and experience with the ArchiCAD user community.


In the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit each expert will give a one hour presentation on a topic they are passionate about, that they focus on day to day, and bring the wisdom of real world experience to their vision.

These masters bring tremendous depth to their subject, often pushing the limits of the technology and breaking new ground in their personal explorations. Our aim is to make the presentations accessible and understandable to the average ArchiCAD user, while including advanced components and strategies to inspire and inform veteran users.

The sessions will be broadcast as well as recorded, so you’ll be able to attend live and ask questions, or watch videos of the presentations later.

While the details are still being worked out, here is the preliminary lineup of ArchiCAD masters and topics:

  • Timothy Ball, UK – Hyper-Efficient, Detailed 3D Modeling
  • Dwight Atkinson, Canada – Creating Compelling Renderings
  • Ben Wallbank, UK – The Data in Your Model is Priceless
  • Djordje Grujic, UAE – Using ArchiCAD Beyond Architecture
  • Gary Lawes – UK – Hacking GDL – Practical Parametric Object Making
  • Roderick Anderson – Costa Rica – How to Use ArchiCAD and BIMx Docs to Optimize the Design Build Process
  • Erika Epstein – US – Implementing Building Information Modeling
  • Josh Bone – US – ArchiCAD Speed Tricks
  • Andreas Lettner – Austria – CineRender Tips and Tricks
  • Kristian Bursell – Australia – Power of Custom GDL Objects
  • Eric Bobrow – Best Practices and Templates for ArchiCAD
  • More to come…

The conference will be affordably priced with pre-sale tickets available in early January.

An official announcement is coming soon!

– Eric Bobrow, Founder