Listen In As The Masters Discuss the Program

What is the MASTERS of ARCHICAD 2017 project all about?

Listen in as Tim, Andreas and I discuss the ideas behind the training program and the background and scope of the actual building design:

MASTERS of ARCHICAD 2017 Overview (discussion with Tim Ball & Andreas Lettner)

It’s a 22 minute lively chat with three Masters of ARCHICAD!

We discussed how revolutionary this whole program will be, as we focus on the real-world usage of ARCHICAD as an essential business tool, managing the workflow to be efficient and profitable while producing optimum results.

Something like this has never been done before, in this level of depth, with such a combination of experts who combine decades of ARCHICAD experience with decades of teaching.

We’re going to be documenting and sharing the process as a project runs from concept through the full lifecycle. We’re all going to learn so much.

I’m truly so excited to share this with you and everyone in the ARCHICAD community!