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by ArchiCAD Experts

In the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit Conferences
Experts from Around the World Share Their Insights

Grab your free Guest Pass with my compliments, and enjoy some of the most useful and inspiring presentations from the 2015 and 2016 Summit Conferences...

Enjoy and learn from presentations by three ArchiCAD experts

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What Do You Get With Your Guest Pass?

You'll get immediate access to two inspiring presentations by ArchiCAD experts from the recent Masters of ArchiCAD Summit Conferences.

New for 2016 is the delightful presentation of Chris Ellis, a building designer based in coastal Massachusetts, who shares how he boldly uses ArchiCAD in design meetings with clients as well as initial meetings with prospective clients to win more business.

His clear tips for what to do (as well as what not to do in order to avoid confusion, delay or embarrassment) will help you plan out your next working meeting. Chris shares his practical notes and checklists in a 30 page PDF document (ready for you to download and print as a quick reference) to make this super easy.

You'll also get to watch an impressive case study by one of my clients, New Jersey architect Andrew Passacantando, from the 2015 Summit. He does amazing work with ArchiCAD on very complex and beautifully designed residential projects with intricate details including ornate mouldings, staircases, turrets and roof planes (see screenshot of his ArchiCAD model above).

As a one person office, his highly-efficient process is all the more remarkable, as everything gets detailed in 3D.

Andrew's presentation was one of the hits of the 2015 Masters of ArchiCAD Summit. It is a great combination of advanced ArchiCAD usage and a beautifully designed project. Andrew gives a lucid explanation of his working process using images of the ArchiCAD model and drawings juxtaposed with actual construction photographs of this elegant home.

When you get your Guest Pass today, I'll also add in one more training video for you as well: my own presentation on ArchiCAD Shortcuts and Speed Tricks. You'll get a total of more than 3 hours of practical tips and great ideas to help you optimize your work with ArchiCAD.

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About Eric Bobrow (Founder of Masters Of ArchiCAD)

Eric Bobrow has worked with ArchiCAD for 25 years as a trainer and consultant. His firm Bobrow Consulting Group (BCG) was U.S. Reseller of the Year in 2000, ranked in the top 5 for 10 years, and was awarded Graphisoft Platinum VAR status during a successful 20 year run, before switching gears to focus on training and consulting in 2010.

His ArchiCAD Tutorials channel on YouTube has over 15,000 subscribers and reached a ground-breaking 2.3 million views. It is by far the most popular ArchiCAD video resource outside of Graphisoft itself.

Bobrow created and continues to develop and maintain the Best Practices Course, a comprehensive online training resource for ArchiCAD users, as well as the QuickStart Course on ArchiCAD Basics.

MasterTemplate, the Office Standard for ArchiCAD, is the most widely-used independent template system for the software, embedding best practices principles into the structure of the project files to increase efficiency, optimize productivity, and improve consistency and graphic quality.

Bobrow is the founder and producer of the MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMIT as well as the ARCHICAD USER website, a news portal which includes a user directory and jobs board.