Summit Schedule Finalized

Scheduling a dozen presenters from different parts of the world, each with their own busy calendars, was a challenging task, however we juggled things around until we finally got the 4D puzzle worked out.

I’m pleased to note that we open and close the conference with distinguished members of our community who each bring a long-term perspective to the evolution of ArchiCAD, and even the practice of architecture itself.

We open the conference Thursday at 9 am PST with Djordje Grujic, the veteran ArchiCAD user who for many years was the moderator of ArchiCAD Talk, the main discussion forum for ArchiCAD users. His personal tagline is “BIM There, Done That.”

Djordje will talk about ArchiCAD Beyond Architecture, and look at how his use of ArchiCAD has evolved over the past two decades to include routine multi-disciplinary coordination and construction planning.

We’ll close the conference on Friday at 4:30 pm with architect David Marlatt, former head of Graphisoft U.S. and VP of Marketing and Communications for Graphisoft worldwide in the 90’s. David’s visionary articles (including Architecture Through the Looking Glass, Architects in the Information Age, and Of Virtual Buildings and Real Architecture) were quite inspirational to me and to many resellers and users at the time.

David will look back at ArchiCAD and the role of the architect through the Looking Glass to review where we’ve come from over the past 20 to 30 years, how far we’ve gotten, and where we may be going next. He’ll also show us some of his own projects, in which he achieves noteworthy energy optimization using ArchiCAD and analysis tools.

I’ve been busy working with each Master, running through their presentation to work out the technical issues of broadcasting online, as well as giving them feedback to refine and focus their talks. It’s a very exciting and exhausting process, requiring very long hours.

This is the biggest project I have ever undertaken, and I’m pleased to say it’s shaping up to be an amazing and inspirational event that we’ll all remember, and make use of (in terms of lessons learned, and potential unleashed) for a long time to come.


Thursday February 5

9 am
Djordje Grujic, UAE
ArchiCAD Beyond Architecture

10:30 am
Gary Lawes, UK
Hacking GDL – Practical Parametric Object Making

12 Noon
Andrew Passacantando, USA
How a One Man Office Does Large Complex Projects using ArchiCAD from A to Z

1:30 pm
Roderick Anderson, Costa Rica
Design-Build: Luxury Residential done better with ArchiCAD and BIMx Docs

3 pm
Erika Epstein, USA
How to Successfully Implement BIM, Improve Your Workflow and Better Serve Your Clients

4:30 pm
Karoly Horvath, Australia
Modular Design and Teamwork Strategies for Multi-Unit Projects

Friday February 6

9 am
Andreas Lettner, Austria
CineRender Tips and Tricks

10:30 am
shawn B hopkins, South Africa
Activating Your Local ArchiCAD Market for Informed Design Solutions

12 Noon
Ben Wallbank, UK
The Data in Your Model is Priceless

1:30 pm
Timothy Ball, UK
Hyper-Efficient, Detailed 3D Modeling

3 pm
Eric Bobrow, US
ArchiCAD Best Practices and The Ultimate Template

4:30 pm
David Marlatt, USA
ArchiCAD Through the Looking Glass

NOTE: All times are PST = California time = GMT – 8
The schedule is subject to change; be sure to check back closer to the opening of the conference.