Gary Lawes

Hacking GDL [2]: Practical Parametric Object Making

In simple terms GDL hacking involves modeling an object in ArchiCAD, saving it as a GDL object, and then tweaking the code to add parametric flexibility to the object. It offers an easy way to build smart objects.

A good knowledge of ArchiCAD's GDL object scripting language will transform your use of ArchiCAD, in terms of productivity, flexibility and the quality of project documentation, however learning GDL from scratch can be a daunting prospect.

In this sequel to last year's GDL presentation, we will create a parametrically driven context-sensitive hanging light-fixture. We'll set it up to choose from a value list popup menu one of several real world lamps.

By the end of this GDL hacking session we will have a very usable GDL object that you can add to your collection.


Hacking GDL: Practical Parametric Object Making - video download

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About the Presenter

Gary Lawes, Jagged Edge Design Ltd, Bristol UK

I run a small Architectural practice and work on the smallest of projects. The latter  was planned, to target a market that few are interested in and to build a strong reputation in that sector.

To maximise profitability in any business, requires every business process to be finely tuned, this is especially so when working on smaller projects. For my CAD/BIM product I chose ArchiCAD. I had worked with all of the major rival products as reseller and distributor, and as such I knew ArchiCAD had the potential to outperform them all, it would however need a great deal of customisation to make it suitable for small domestic projects.

I set out a plan to carry out two hours of ArchiCAD development on every one of my projects, the majority of that time spent developing GDL objects. Now 13 years later I have a very powerful  library of high performance objects.

Every object is designed to support the design process, to provide maximum flexibility, to deliver the best looking documents possible and to produce the highest quality of documentation, all as rapidly and easily as possible.