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Tim Ball and Eric Bobrow at the end of 3 days at the Graphisoft BIM Conference, Las Vegas (March 2017)

Tim and I were talking about how to describe MASTERS of ARCHICAD 2017.

I said: "It's an online training series that shows a real-life complex project being developed from concept through working drawings and beyond, pushing the technology and demonstrating best practices for workflow and collaboration.

Tim said: "It's actually much simpler than that. We're going to show how to efficiently and effectively use ARCHICAD on real projects in a way that makes your firm money."

Want to learn, grow and use ArchiCAD's cool technology to the max?
Want your firm to be highly profitable in delivering your projects to clients?
You're in the right place.


Advanced Best Practice Course
Pushing ARCHICAD’s Limits – From Start to Finish and Beyond

An Online Educational Journey Starting July 12

Masters of ArchiCAD is built around teaching methods and approaches that push the limits of the technology. Presenters share the wisdom of experience to extend skills and understanding for users who are already running projects in ArchiCAD.

In 2017, we will showcase and teach current advanced best international practice for complex Building Information Modeling utilizing the tool for both 3D modeling and data. This year's online educational journey explores the best way to use ARCHICAD on a real project.

Seminars will be broadcast live every other week starting July 12, 2017, for 16 sessions running through February 2018. We're planning to run a full-day online conference in March 2018, with presentations by Masters of ARCHICAD faculty chronicling the development of the project, along with lessons learned and tips and tricks.

A complex, multi-building multi-use project will be developed from master plan concept through schematic, detailed design development and construction documents with fully integrated 3D detailing and specification data.

We will integrate into the process quantity and cost estimation data sufficient for ambitious architects involved in Integrated Project Development or Design/Build.

The Masters of ARCHICAD project is adapted from one of Andreas Lettner's actual real-world projects currently in process for a client on a mountainside in Austria. The estimated budget is 20 000 000 Euro , with 66 Rooms, Indoor swimming Pool, Sauna, and facilities like massage, coiffeur, shop, library, bar, restaurant, terraces, ski rental and service, underground park deck​, etc.

This is the first time a project of this size, complexity and depth has been developed as an educational resource for ARCHICAD users to study and learn best practices methods.​

Join us for the ARCHICAD Event of the Year!

This event is for you if...

  • You want to get the most out of ArchiCAD
  • You get excited when you learn how something tricky and/or time consuming can be done more easily and quickly
  • You know your 3D model could be taken further
  • You aspire to deliver higher quality documents that make construction go smoothly
  • You aim for continual improvement - "good enough" isn't good enough for you
  • ArchiCAD is a key competitive advantage that helps you win projects

If any of these statements ring true then we encourage you to join us
(watch the live webinar sessions or the recordings) 
for the Masters of ArchiCAD 2017 Program

Registration Fee: $697
SAVE $300 - Early Bird Discount through June 30, 2017


16 Live webinar sessions on Wednesdays at 1 pm US Pacific Time (PDT/PST)
(Running every 2 weeks through February 2018)


Eric Bobrow


About the Director of MASTERS of ARCHICAD

My ARCHICAD journey started in Toronto Canada in 1989, when I learned version 3.42 and helped run a project that was one of the first to use 3D modeling and visualization to pre-sell custom luxury homes before construction.

After a 20 year career as a successful ArchiCAD reseller in Toronto and Los Angeles (including U.S. Reseller of the Year and many years in the top 5 of all U.S. dealers) I transitioned my focus to online ArchiCAD training and consulting in 2010.

I launched the Masters of ARCHICAD project in 2015​ with an online two day Summit conference featuring 12 internationally recognized experts and over 300 attendees. Since then we have produced 7 specialty courses as well as reprising the Summit concept in 2016 with 12 additional presentations.

Andreas Lettner


Architect Andreas Lettner

Andreas Lettner is co-founder of Maaars Architekts, Innsbruck Austria. He has been a lecturer for ArchiCAD since 1996.

He is known as a specialist for BIM authoring and implementation, and has presented lectures and seminars at at the University of Nottingham, Art School Liverpool, University of Cardiff, University Lagos, University Innsbruck, Kufstein, Spittal/Drau, Zagreb, Rijeka, Novi Sad, Vienna.

Andreas has organized the ArchiCAD User Association Winter School conferences since 2006.​

Andreas taught our popular MASTERS of ARCHICAD course on Cinerender, and presented at both the 2015 and 2016 MASTERS of ARCHICAD Summit conferences.​

Timothy Ball


Architect Timothy Ball RIBA

I started using ARCHICAD in 1998 and have been using it as a full BIM tool since 2009. Whilst my application of the software is focused on the needs of my business to maximise profitability, I must admit to spending time working out some of the deeper features that interest me "just for fun".

I run JHD Architects, a practice based in Tunbridge Wells in the south east of England and I have been a chartered architect for over thirty years. During that time I have always run my own business and have developed strong design and client management skills.

I routinely use ARCHICAD at all stages of projects and have developed time efficient workflows to present to clients and local building authorities. At working drawing stage I hold all the 3D detailing and specification data within the file and include everything needed to build a project within a BIMX file issued to site.

NOTE: Tim taught our popular MASTERS of ARCHICAD course "Working Drawings Without Details​," and also presented at both 2015 and 2016 Summit conferences. In addition to teaching regularly at ArchiCAD User Association conferences, Tim has also been a member of the ArchiCAD Key Client group for Graphisoft UK, advising them and sharing insights from his practice.